A simple strategy to get better results from social recruiting.

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In my previous article I laid down arguments to support my assertion that most organizations are failing at social recruiting. If you have not already, I suggest that you read that article first. 
This article is a fictional short story about a company named ABC Inc. The story captures ABC Inc's social recruiting efforts - their foray into social recruiting, their struggle and eventual success. 

ABC Inc. & Social Recruiting.
ABC Inc. was a fast growing company of 200 employees. They had a team of five skilled, forward looking and technology savvy recruiters. Recognizing the potential of social media, ABC Inc. decided to make a foray into social recruiting. Their recruiters quickly realized that success on social media was all about creating a meaningful and recognizable brand footprint. So, they set about doing that. Two years went by. To everyone's surprise, they were still struggling to get results. ABC Inc. had never seen their star studded recruitment team fail before. 
The recruitment team conducted an internal audit to investigate the reasons of their failure. Below were the main observations of their audit report:
1. The entire burden of creating the employer brand footprint was on a small group of five recruiters. 
2. The combined social reach of the team was too small create an impact in the vast world of social media.
3. The team was not trained in brand creation and management. 
4. Budget constraints and target pressures did not give the team the bandwidth to focus on employer brand building.
The recruitment team decided that they would not accept failure. They took it up as a challenge to turn this failure on its head. They held brainstorming sessions every day, for almost a week. And then, one day, the youngest recruiter in the team threw an unconventional idea into the mix. She proposed that ABC Inc. should make their Employee Referral Program a part of their social recruiting strategy.
At first, this unconventional idea received a luke-warm response from other team members. But, after some analysis, it started to make perfect sense:
1. The burden of creating the employer brand footprint would be evenly spread across ABC Inc. Each employee would become a brand ambassador.
2. The combined social reach of ABC Inc. would increase by 40 times.
3. This idea would work well within the recruitment team's existing budget constraints and hiring target pressures. 
4. A small recruitment team would be able to punch significantly above their weight.
The team immediately charted out an action plan to put this idea into practice. Once in action they started getting 20 times better results within the first few weeks itself. ABC Inc's leadership team handsomely awarded their recruitment team for planning this sensational turnaround!

Moral of the story - Make employee referrals a part of your social recruiting strategy to get better returns from your social recruiting efforts.

- Om Deshpande (Founder, Product Management & Development @ JobsXS)

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