Most organizations are failing at social recruiting.

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The social media boom started started about 4 years ago. Since then, everyone has been trying to find new ways to harness its immense potential. Recruiters too saw this huge candidate pool and their eyes lit up. Many social recruiting ideas and tools sprung up, promising recruiters access to this candidate pool. Recruiters adopted these ideas and tools in herds. A lot has happened during the last 4 years. Let us analyse it.
1. Most social recruiting ideas and tools that sprung up during this period, have fizzled out. Few have been moderately successful.

2. Many organizations are trying, but, they are not able to harness the full potential of social media. Results are not matching up to heir high expectations. Most organizations in this category are small and mid-sized businesses. 

3. Very few organizations are getting reasonable results from their social recruiting efforts. Most organizations in this category are large, well known brands.
The above analysis points at a pattern that is pretty common in traditional forms of media (television, newspaper, radio, etc). Bigger brands with stronger marketing muscle are pushing aside smaller and mid-sized businesses. But, social media was supposed to be different from traditional media. All the hype and excitement around social media was because it levelled the playing field to a great extent. A start-up or an SMB, finally, had a media platform where they could challenge the bigger players, with well crafted strategies. 
This trend is unfortunate. Hence, I say that most organizations are failing at social recruiting. In my opinion, many more organizations should be getting much better results.

The Way Forward

The reason for this failure is that many organizations are approaching social recruiting in a flawed manner.  It is time re-think and re-draw strategies.

I'll split this article into two parts, to keep the length under control. In the next part, I will propose a social recruiting strategy that; I believe; will help many more organizations get better results. 

I look forward to your thoughts too. Both, on this article and on how more organizations can get better results from social recruiting. Feel free to comment.

- Om Deshpande (Founder, Product Management & Development @ JobsXS)

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